Brazil to Uruguay, 2012

Cast by a jealous wind and

I found myself

in Montevideo: toIMG_5200 (002) realize

That every city in the world

Has something for me:

A park where the people and the green

Gather in some kind of ancient revolutionary agreement

A bar I want to inhabit each rich translucent day

A family I could love

And have love me

A shining flower I have never seen

An object that demands to be carried away

A music that moves me toward my hidden generous self

A tragedy so dark that I can never overcome it

No matter how large my heart

A heart so large it hears me whispering in a foreign tongue

And answers

A pair of eyes I cannot seem to discard

A poverty so deep it dismembers me

Opens me like a surgery

And shares divinity’s regard for humanity:

Where generosity

Is gathered like a ripe fruit

in the meanest of circumstances, yet

lost somehow among the possessions

of those who rule this world so badly.IMG_5254 (002)

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