On the River

Two older boys and me, loaded with gear

Came to the green river in nighttime.

We trolled the river and laid out some lines

And water was over my chest at times.

It was a year like any other year.

Our forests lost and farmland gone to seed,

We caught some fish and cooked them on a fire

Watched the water and talked about desire

Howled at the moon and called each other liar

while Nixon wept and televised his greed

8 thoughts on “On the River

  1. Beautiful, and I feel the distance that has to be crossed if we are to make it. I saw a bald eagle last year perched on a tree above the S. Toe, and down the river a little further, a man in it fishing, geared up to the hilt. The eagle, geared to the hilt with what he’d been gifted at birth, made even this – a simple man fishing a river, look like pure silliness.


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